Honey Meadows Farm
Welcome to Honey Meadows Farm
Located in beautiful Southbury, Connecticut, this five acre farm is the home of Hannan Honey, LLC. and Honey Meadows Farm Boer Goats.

Here at Honey Meadows Farm we strive to breed the best Boer genetics available to us with the goal of producing a genetic line of excellence.

The size of our farm is small and our focus lies on a select few with proven genetics.

Be sure to check out our For Sale page which we try to keep updated.

Our many thanks go to all of the very friendly "goat" breeders and producers who have willingly given us their boer goat knowledge, input, and ideas. We would especially like to thank Chris Glynos of the Bethlehem Boer Goat Ranch, Cory Howard of Mumford Meadows Farm, the Fearn Family, Boer Goat Breeders of Maine, and Agnew Boer Goats.
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Southbury, Ct.
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